Innovation and R&D services

Systems architecture and data analytics

  • Planning, specification and management
    • Establishing a development strategy for a data analytics project
    • Defining a system specification to enable a service
  • Development
    • Analytics pipelines
    • Operationalizing models into cloud services
    • Development of a data/information system architecture from scratch
    • Extension of existing systems with new features

Research and development

  • Operations
    • Development of data management and dissemination plans
    • Support in project execution
    • Support to communication, publication and dissemination activities
  • Fundraising
    • Support to development of grant and fundraising applications
    • Review of applications
  • Screening
    • Technology and market screening

Product development

  • Shaping up a product development strategy
  • Carrying out user research
  • Turning a high level product specification into a development-ready system architecture
  • Developing MVPs using a lean approach

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