Data services

Here is a description of the services to solve your data and analytics challenges.

Specification and planning

  • Establishing a development strategy for a data analytics project
  • Defining a system specification to enable a service
  • Turning specifications into a systems architecture
  • Defining a data management plan
  • Finding experts to solve specific tasks

Product development

  • Shaping up a product development strategy
  • Turning a high level product specification into a development-ready system architecture
  • Carrying out user research


  • Operationalising models into 24/7 services
  • Deploying analytics on the cloud
  • Developing and maintaining data pipelines
  • Developing and maintaining Python app backend
  • Developing of MVPs using a lean approach
  • Extending existing analytics systems with new features

Let’s find the solution that fits your needs !

If any of the above sounds aligned with what you are looking for, please book a call so we can find out together how to best meet your needs.