Consultancy services for climate action

A simple mission: catalysing the transition towards a climate-neutral and resilient global society.

Key service areas

Energy consultancy
Expert support for buildings, assets and network operation, as well as process optimisation relying on advanced monitoring, control and optimisation

Innovation and R&D
Structuring, managing and executing innovation projects in complex environments

Designing, structuring, developing and operationalising your data and analytics processes

Developing clear, effective and impactful narratives which tap into in-depth knowledge

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About Pierre

Pierre is an engineer with 10 years of experience of research and development and innovation within the energy sector. This professional experience is rooted into an international background with M.Sc. degrees from CentraleSupélec (France) and Heriot-Watt University (Scotland), strengthened with a Ph.D. from Aalborg University (Denmark).

He has extensive experience of developing analytics solutions for energy applications, including operations of demand side assets in 24/7 production contexts.

On top of this, he has contributed to development and advising of new ventures (involved in one start-up founding), as well as larger national and international research, development and innovation projects (participated to over 16 Danish and European projects with a cumulative company budget of 3.5 M€, and led company contributions to 5 of them for a cumulative budget of 840 k€).

Over time, he has also worked with in several NGOs in Denmark and France, including climate and youth movements.

This international experience at the interface of industry, academia and NGO sectors has provided him with a solid understanding of the context, challenges and bigger picture.